Raised between the streets of Columbus, GA and the suburbs of Huntsville, AL, Wescam transferred to the University of Alabama in Birmingham to leave his mark in more areas than just the classroom.  Shredding beats with words of inspiration and encouragement, Wescam writes to free himself from the prison of his own mind and free the world from theirs.  Releasing his first project, Bottom of the Class, in 2013, things have been sky-rocketing for him.  Influenced by a medley of artists such as J. Cole, Drake, Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Big K.R.I.T., and Kanye West, he takes elements from each influence and finds a way to fluidly channel them into his intense, southern style.  Fusing bars coded in spirituality with some of the illest verses coming out the South, Wescam is on a mission to change hip-hop forever and put the state back on the map.


After releasing his mixtape, For the Moment… in 2015 and debut album, LETTERBOX in 2018, Wescam went on a tear throughout the campus of UAB.  Opening up for artists such as, Grammy award-winning artist H.E.R. and Def Jam recording artist, B.O.B.,  putting on his own concert series, and hosting many other events around campus, the young emcee has left a lasting impression on the Steel City that is growing from the already large impression left on North Alabama.  


Now, after utilizing two years to invest in opportunities outside of music, Wescam is back and taking the nation by storm one verse at a time.  Along with his team of fellow creatives, The Regenerate Society, Wescam is looking to not looking to impact the state of Alabama, but the entire nation with his musical storytelling.  Stay tuned for more of what Wescam has in store for the world....


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